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The Taur Of Tomorrow

Oh great. Now I'm half horse and half naked.
- Leela, "Futurama: Benders Game"

So as you all no doubt by now, know, the latest Futurama movie "Bender's Game" is a parody of sword and sorcery fantasy films, and of the Lord of the Rings films in particular. During the course of the story, Leela gets turned into the centauress Legola.

Legola, from the DVD sleeve cover, in all her badass glory.

Did I mention that there are a LOT OF CENTAURS in this movie? Granted, they're only in a few scenes, so the first Narnia film probably tops this for actual 'taur screentime - but holy freakin' Chiron, for sheer numbers? There's a lotta hoofers in this film.

And for those keeping such metrics - note Leela/Legola's height and build; a full size 'taur, rather than the ponytaurs we occasionally see (such as 'Wild Cards' Dr. Finn).

Legola is a mighty warrior who kicks ass, takes names, and chews bubblegum (all together now - "But she's all outta bubblegum").

She's a bit crestfallen to find the centaurs of this world are pacifists and noble ones, at that; this film plays to a LOT of 'taur tropes (including having a lot of fun with the legendary skill centaurs have at archery).

I'd mention here that Hermes turns into an (ahem) hermaphrodite 'taur but, well… so yeah.

I did mention there's a lot of 'taurs in this movie, didn't I? I did? Oh, good.

Note that the animators and artists did a pretty good job of designing and drawing a diverse set of 'taur characters, even in the crowd scenes. What I found interesting too is that their attire is widely varied, from a pseudo-RenFaire look through to wild and rough ranger dress, with the occasional just-naked 'taur too.

Wow. First "The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe", and now this. I think, fellow 'taurs and 'taurettes, that we have officially hit the big time, as the saying goes.
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