Kobi LaCroix (kobi_lacroix) wrote in centaurs,
Kobi LaCroix

Cuteness Alert!

Crossposted from my own journal.

Chances are you've seen the most recent episode of Family Guy, where Brian and Stewie travel through multiple universes, one being a universe drawn by Disney. If you haven't:

The full episode
The Disney universe segment

For a split second, "Family Guy" was actually watchable. And did I mention that Brian was freakin' ADORABLE?! Okay Kobi, regain your composure, think manly thoughts…I really wanted to do something in tribute, but I wanted it to be something really special. Then I remembered that I also have a character named Brian! So ladies and gentlemen, I bring you Brian and Brian, Disney style (or something close to it)! Cranked up to maximum cuteness. I apologize for any tooth decay that results from viewing this image.

Brian and Brian (Disney Style)

Brian (the dog) © Seth McFarlane
Brian (the centaur) © Kobi LaCroix

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