stickmaker (stickmaker) wrote in centaurs,

Japanese Centaur Porn

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What is the series called? Where does someone find it? XD

It's not really a series. The artist just occasionally posts these to a Japanese art forum.

I learned of them in a recent scans_daily LJ post.

Oh I misunderstood "series" as in serialized stories. But I suppose a group of posts would be a series too. Yay! English is fun!


December 30 2008, 16:39:31 UTC 9 years ago Edited:  December 30 2008, 16:46:34 UTC

Why does it always have to be about sex? Isn't there, I dunno, some more just normal art and fiction about centaurs people can post? I know the real myth started with them being sex crazed but I would think they've grown a bit as characters since then...Geesh...:P
Deviantart has thousands of innocuous/ non sexual Centaur art (which you might know. Just trying to be helpful)
Neat art, but the boyfriend is a sexually harrassing jerk. :(
He usually gets his comeuppance in some way, like her kicking him here.

The Japanese have more tolerance for dysfunctional relationships than we do; making the assumption it's okay to have fun with the idea that people don't always do what's good for them personally (an adaption of the old assumption that people should do things based upon what others want.)